One day, when I was getting especially frustrated with people coming to our door to sell firewood or ask for a signature on a petition, the following phrase came to me: Home is sacred. Home should not be a place where I have to make transactions, respond to demands (unless they are for a hug) or get confrontational in order to get someone to leave.

That day, I designed the following 4 signs for our door. Our door is magnetic, so it secures well with a plastic sleeve and magnet backing you can buy at Michaels. If you want one of the signs for your own door, just leave a comment along with your preferred design. I’ll email you a high resolution pdf that you can print on your home printer.

Voila! Your home will be marked as the sacred space it is. And if anyone undesirable comes to your threshold, you can just apologetically point to the sign and firmly close the door. ( ;

Home is sacred clover

Home is sacred: clover

Home is sacred: red

Home is sacred: stones

Home is sacred: tree