Yesterday was my husband Jeremy’s brothers’ birthday.

Ben and Alden are twins and they turned 33.

They flew into town with their families to be a part of the Monkey Dance CD release. I know this meant a lot to Jeremy.

Young Greenhouse family

A young Greenhouse family

When I met A&B (my mum-in-law Jane found out they were twins shortly before they were born, so they were Baby A and Baby B while names were chosen), they were 9 1/2 years old.

They were 13 when we got married. Just look at these two in their monkey suits!


Ben and Alden at our wedding

We have had a long and close history, even all living together at times after Jeremy and I were married.

We are coming up on our 20th wedding anniversary, so that means that I was 18 when I met the twins, and 21 when I married into their family.

I don’t know for sure, but I would imagine that I seemed like some kind of bizarre, foreign entity to these preteen boys. I probably drove them crazy, bossing them around and criticizing them for being disorganized (as I have come to learn, this is not an unusual trait for teenage boys, lol.) But I hope that I also showed them love. Because I really was/am fond of those adorable boys.

Living with me was probably like being on safari: watching some kind of demanding, emotional, changeable creature. Now they each have their own creature to be fascinated by. Hopefully I helped pave the way for them somewhat. ( ;  They certainly helped me prepare for having my own two boys to raise.

Not surprisingly, Ben and Alden have grown into great guys. And I love them as if they were my own brothers. I hope they love me a bit too.

Happy birthday, boys!

Tobermory dinner

Greenhouse Dinner in Tobermory