Here’s a short photographic summary of our trip to Southern California last week.

We flew into Santa Ana (Orange County), stayed in Huntington Beach, and also visited with friends and family in Laguna Beach, Venice and West Hollywood. Jeremy’s parents stayed with the kids in Minneapolis. Thank you, Jane and John, and thank you to all of our California hosts: Pierre and Jane, Colin, Jen, Megan and Brad, and David and Joseph.

In addition to celebrating our 20th anniversary with beloved friends, part of the purpose of our trip was to travel down memory lane.

Jeremy spent the first five years of his life in Southern California. His Canadian father John, a geoscientist/oceanographer studying at Scripps Institute, and his British mother Jane met while she was visiting the USA for the first time. They married in England and made their first home in Laguna Beach. They also spent some time closer to San Diego, in Del Mar. We have so many beautiful photos of Jeremy as a tow-headed child, playing on Torrey Pines State Park Beach with his family.

It was wonderful to walk on the actual ground they walked on, to see the streets where they lived, and to picture Jeremy’s early years. What a lovely start he had in life! No wonder he turned out to be so wonderful.

The Greenhouses

A first photo of Jeremy

On the beach with mom

Mum Jane (pregnant with Jeremy) holds cousin Ian on the beach

The young family

The young Greenhouse family...this was their Christmas card that year!

Just like dad

Learning to be just like dad: surfboards, sports, and guitars (I will have to post a different photo for that one someday)

Huntington Beach pier

View from the pier at Huntington Beach where we stayed

Pierre and Jeremy

Having breakfast at the Sugar Shack with our host Pierre

Mustang Convertible

The convertible we rented...worth every penny!

Colin playing the piano

Colin played piano, Jeremy played fiddle one sunny morning at Colin and Jen's place

Jen and Colin

We met Colin's girlfriend Jennifer for the first time...isn't she lovely?

Fiore Designs

And oh, her new shop on Abbott Kinney...I fell in love!

Store quote

Inside the shop

So lovely inside...

Outside of the store

So inviting on the outside!

In and Out Burger

In 'n Out Burger in the convertible, view of the beach...this is livin'!

Greenhouse home in Laguna Beach

Strand Beach

Torrey Pines sunset

David and Joseph took us out for a luxurious meal on Sunset Strip

Last day in Huntington Beach...reading on Jane's lounge beside a sunny open door