woman in a green dress

Let there be green!

I stole this post title from Anthropologie’s Facebook page today. It described so perfectly what I am feeling on this sunny March 1st.

It’s time for some green to come back into our lives.

I know that Kermit said that it wasn’t easy being green…and it certainly doesn’t feel good to be green with envy (which is why I am not thinking about Southern California’s weather today)…but Anna’s green dress at Le Donne yesterday was such an inspiration. I wish I had gotten a photo of her in it.

March is the month when it is my mom’s birthday (she looks great in green) and in 2010 I am celebrating her life post-breast cancer.

I will be starting my baby seedlings for the garden in a couple of weeks, and a dear friend is preparing to welcome her first child (last name is actually Green!) at the end of the month.

So, here are some lovely green things to get you in the mood for March!

Green chair

Quelle belle chaise verte


New for 2010, this Petunia is named Pretty Much Picasso

Citrus Pom

A citrus pom...just for fun

Why is green so serene?


Fresh mint: Julep, anyone?

Green polka dot headband

Sometimes I think it would be so much fun to have a little girl to dress...

Green cardigan

But then I think about all of the girly things I can wear, like Anthropologie's Four Petal Cardi, and I don't mind so much.