Rachel Greenhouse, 1996

My friend Sharon first shared this quote with me when I was living in Victoria, BC.

I was young and had very little experience with out of the box thinking. I could barely grasp the concept that a box could be transformed into a dance floor.

It was very much like the first day of Grade 13 — for those of you who don’t know, Canada used to have Grade 13 in high school– when my algebra teacher stood at the front of the classroom holding up a coffee cup and a donut, and said: These two are the same. This year, we’ll learn how. I’m not sure I ever fully understood it.

But the idea presented by this quote really captivated me. And over time, it significantly impacted how I moved forward with my life. So, I made a little painting to hang on my wall as a reminder to blow the lid off and flatten the sides out of my self-imposed box at every opportunity.

Even though it seems like this quote is saying that God puts us in a box, this has never struck me as the point. I think that the point is that we think that God wants us to be in a box. So we misunderstand and perpetuate this very limited way of living. And to me, it’s not God’s plan. Why would God want us to play small?

I’m celebrating life and dancing a lot more these days.

My box has officially become a dance floor!