As many of you know, sharing my name with other women has never come easily to me.

I grew up with not a single Rachel in my school or hometown, so to move to Minnesota and find here a Rachel, there a Rachel, everywhere a Rachel, Rachel was more than a little disconcerting. No offense meant to all Rachels and Rachaels out there…

But here is someone I am overjoyed to share my name with:

Rachel’s blog is called All I Did Was Listen. Believe me, she has done a lot more than just listen. She has helped me unlock my voice, see my beauty, and embrace God’s love.

She calls herself an art playgroundist, and that name fits too. She now has an Etsy shop and sells her creations as cards and prints. She says that it’s art for your heart.

Here is one of my favorites:

And here is a print I think I’m going to have to buy (don’t you think the girl looks like me?)

Flower Shower: Print with Girl and Flowers

Here’s an interview with Rachel recently posted by another blogger. Enjoy meeting her. She’s as great as she sounds. Better, actually.

And so I hereby give her permission to continue using my name. ( :