When things break down, when I don’t get what I want, when I can’t have something that seems so necessary

Do I choose a perspective of scarcity or abundance?

The truth is that I fluctuate wildly back and forth. The challenge I have, as do many others, is to accept that I am enough, I have been given enough, that life itself, indeed this very moment, is enough.

It is very tempting and often feels necessary to contract ourselves into scarcity and tension/ agitation.

The truth is, things fall apart, blow up, get lost, die, become hopelessly tangled, disappear and disappoint.

We are still called upon to find our center, to bake our ‘prosperity pie’ regardless of outside circumstances. The paradox is that it’s all perfect AND it all stinks.

My intention is to live more fully each moment with who + how I actually am, not who I imagine I will be one day.

I want to experience more fully my own enough-ness so that I feel filled even when things crumble, or break, or circumstances seem to sweep away my “progress” (with the big broom of life).

Susan Sark, Prosperity Pie

Why do I expect things to be different than they are? Why can’t I settle into the “enoughness” of myself and of life?

Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.


When I reflect on how much I really, truly enjoy, rather than how much I have, I experience the deep abundance of my life.