I did it! I finished my grant proposal and a couple of other big projects. So, I actually get to play in my garden today. Finally. I’m grateful though that work in my case is not so distinct from the rest of my life. My paid work dovetails with many areas of my personal life. I can actually step outside of my office right into my garden, which is a good metaphor for what I am trying to create in terms of “undividedness” in my life overall.

One of the greatest joys I have discovered over the years has been finding work that is so satisfying to me personally, and is such a good fit with my natural skills and interests, that it feels more like play than work. This has been one of the major sources of increasing happiness in my life, and I wish it for every one of you.

Which would explain why I am always asking you all of those questions about your work and whether you like it, what you might rather be doing, what really fuels your energy and passion for life, etc.

Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.

– Mark Twain

I will share more about my journey toward work as play another day. It came to be as a result of a good mix of self-directed action and divine guidance…things coming together in just the right way at just the right time.

Today, I have an idea for another project which would be more like play than work, because it would be such fun to see this vision go from concept to reality.

The vision? A community garden for Michelle Project moms and their families to create, tend, and harvest food from together.

Now, here’s what I think we need to make this happen:

  • Some land where we can plant a fairly large kitchen garden (has to be in a location that people can easily get to)
  • Donations or funding to buy raised bed materials, soil, compost, plants and tools
  • Garden planning consultation and volunteers to help in the garden
  • Commitments from Michelle Project families to be involved and manage the project

This might sound like a lot, but I am as you might imagine, undaunted. Because my passion is strong.

As Lotte said in the movie Enchanted April: It’s no use [trying to convince me otherwise]. I see it.

I have felt this vision coming on for a couple of years now, and just yesterday found the quote pictured above. Which just added more fuel to my fire.

What does work as play look like for you?