It’s so hard to be far away from someone you love when they are hurting.

My sister, for whom I would unquestionably give my life, is going through something really scary. On top of the incredibly challenging year she’s already endured.

I can hear in her voice that she is being brave, because she is very courageous, but as her big sister I just want to magically appear at her door…to cook her a nutritious meal and hug her and play a game with her kids and do her laundry and leave it in nice neat folded piles on her bed.

And I want to put my arms around her and say a prayer so that we could cry together. And I want to tell her how precious she and her family are, and that I don’t know why all of this is happening but that she is loved.

I really wish I didn’t live one thousand one hundred and eighty four miles away from Amy, especially today.