Today has been recovering from weekend of 13th birthday partying – including Feed My Starving Children and Roller Garden – and launching desperately into writing grant proposal due tomorrow day.

So, this will be short and sweet. (Really.)

Jeremy claims that this yummy granola is too more-ish (an expression his mother shared with him as a child…maybe it’s British, because she is from the UK…has anyone else ever heard of this?), but I tell him that at least if he is going to indulge, it might as well be with the organic, nutrient-rich ingredients found in our friend Anna Dvorak’s Maple Flax Granola.

This delicious granola is currently our favorite thing to keep stocked in glass jars in the house. And I get cravings for it. It really satisfies when I want something sweet. So I’ve made a fresh double batch tonight because we’ve had empty glass jars for a couple of weeks, and because I want to bring some to my last yoga session potluck brunch at Cathy’s tomorrow morning. With some plain greek yogurt.

And I’ll probably send some more to Jeff and Anna so that they can keep strong for their twins, Josef and Harriet (who are now nearly 8 weeks since birth/ 35 weeks gestation). They’re doing great but still in the hospital.

So I obviously have to make a lot because otherwise we will run out too quickly and Dylan will look at me with a very concerned expression on his face and say, Mom, there’s no more granola.

Here it is, in all of its yummy glory. I haven’t ever added any dried fruit, but tonight I put unsweetened organic coconut flakes in there. I was, sadly, out of pepitas. Man, do I love those things!

Maple Flax Granola

recipe by Anna Dvorak

1/4 cup flaxseeds

6 cups organic regular rolled oats

2 cups roughly chopped organic almonds

1 cup raw (green) pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds

1 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup coconut oil or olive oil

3/4 cup pure maple syrup

1/4 cup crystallized ginger (optional), finely chopped

2 cups organic dried fruit – mix to taste – raisins, golden raisins, dried cranberries, chopped apricots, mangos

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Stir flaxseeds together with oats, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, salt, oil, and maple syrup in a large bowl.

Spread mixture evenly in 2 large shallow baking pans (1 inch deep) and bake in upper and lower thirds of oven, stirring and switching position of pans halfway through baking, until golden brown, about 30 minutes total.

Cool granola completely in pans on racks, then stir in ginger (if using) and dried fruit.