This is how Jeremy looked when I met 20. Can you see why I was smitten?

And here he is, experiencing fatherhood for the first time.

He made this little boat cradle for Jesse.

Jeremy’s a real renaissance man. He loves to bake, build, write songs, bike around Lake Nokomis, and play Scrabble…for starters. He’s found a way to be an active musician and a successful attorney.

Sometimes I think that he might actually be talented at everything. It can get pretty annoying.

He’s come through some major challenges with his health–I really thought we might lose him a couple of times–and he’s grateful for the ability to do simple things like run and kick a ball and walk up stairs. We both know that the grace of God has sustained us.

He’s a genuinely good guy. Generous and kind and a great listener. If you don’t know him, you really should. He’s a caring friend.

I never tire of watching him perform, even after 20 years, because his love for playing music brings him such joy.

Yes…I’ll be at Kierans tomorrow night. (But I won’t be carrying his instruments, because I have to draw the line somewhere…)

He’s going to complain that this post is embarrassing, but I can’t help  it.

I’m still smitten.

At the Monkey Dance CD release concert (January) at the Cedar Cultural Center.