So here’s what all the fuss was about last weekend.

Le Donne had a Plant Swap Brunch. And it was so much fun!


The evening prior in my yard...ready for a plant swap!



We gathered in spite of the rain...


All of the women who came–Lizzie, Bev, Cathy, Sheila, Laura, Anna, Cathe, Molly B., Molly D., Joan, Renee, Anne-Marie, Amy and Jenbrought amazing food to share and at least one plant or some seeds to swap.


Bev brought one of the recipes she had learned at Anna's Appetizer class...I ate far too many of these delicious cheese and honeyed figs. Oh, and the mojitos she brought were perfection! Such an artist she is, just look at that presentation!



Mmmmm...the bounty of a pot luck with these women is extraordinary!


I had my shovel handy and we dug things up on the spot. We also meandered down the alley to Bev’s magical garden.

I was so inspired that I was ready to make some house calls the next day. As Anne-Marie characterizes it…I made some visits as the Garden Guru (though guru is definitely a stretch in my case, I’ll take it!)  I delivered Anne-Marie’s ferns–dug up from Sheila’s yard–in my bike basket.

As Jeremy pointed out, riding around the city with a basket full of plants is not going to lessen my reputation as a crazy lady…but how freeing to leave the car behind and visit close friends who happen to live close by! I was stopped by an elderly couple in a car who asked me if I always take my plants for a ride…they obviously enjoyed the sight I created.

The sign on the back of my bike should say, "Crazy lady's garden bike.

When I got to Anne-Marie’s, the transformation she showed me was amazing. She continues to say that she is a novice gardener, but you should see the changes she has wrought in one short season! Look at her beautiful delphinium, which has obviously found its “happy place.”


A majestic delphinium in Anne-Marie's new garden.


I also did Garden Guru visits to Colleen’s and Lizzie’s. Several of us are going to do a garden makeover at Colleen’s on Friday morning. If you are free, come and dig! Bring a plant to share for a very sunny yard.

There is, for me, very little that compares with creating lasting beauty alongside good friends.

And the plant swap brunch? What incredible fun to have you all at my home and in my garden, even on a rainy day.

Le Donne friends, thank you for making my life so rich with meaning and joy.

p.s. The red plant holder and black planter pictured above were purchased very affordably at The Cottage House. They’re open this weekend for a “Summer Living” themed sale. They’re open once a month to sell their “Vintage Finds and Redesigns for Home-Garden-Cabin.” Hours: Wednesday 1-8, Thur-Fri 10-7, Sat-Sun 10-6. Address: 4304 Chicago Ave.