Without music, I would have to run without the boost of energy provided by Single Ladies/Beyonce, Minority/Green Day and Get This Party Started/Pink.

Without music, my house would never get cleaned (only the ipod makes that task even remotely enjoyable for me.)

Without music, I would never go to Kierans to hear the Sweet Colleens play. Boo!

Without music, Jesse and Jeremy would never argue about saxophone practice. (OK, that one thing might not be so missed.)

Without music, there would be no joyful chirping of birds to offset the airplane noise on a summer morning in my garden.

Without music, there are tons of amazing people we never would have met over the years: bandmates and their families, pub owners, fellow music fans and festival goers, choirs, choral directors, instrumentalists, and singer-songwriters.

Without music, there would be no Spinal Tap. “It goes to 11.” “It’s in doubly.” Need I say more?

Without music, we wouldn’t have gone to France “on tour” in 2000.

Without music, my childhood wouldn’t have had such a cool soundtrack (Bob Dylan).

Without music, Dylan’s cooing as a newborn would not have become this beautiful lullaby, composed by Jeremy and now being performed by youth choirs.

Without music, falling in love would not have been nearly so magical. What would that have been like, I wonder, without Jem showing up at my dorm room, post-choral concert in a tuxedo, making all of the girls whisper and wonder? Without make out tapes and being wooed with For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her/Simon&Garfunkel on guitar?

What would your life look like without music?