Copyright 2010 Gina Sekelsky, Dreamland

Oh my. There are so many things I would rather do with my time than clean my house!

It’s not that I’m lazy. I could work outside in the garden for hours. But cleaning inside, where it is going to so quickly get messy again, seems so unrewarding. It’s perpetually incomplete. No sooner do I hang the towel on the bar than I find it thrown onto the floor. And why does it seem that I am the only one who ever changes the empty toilet paper roll? Ugh!

There are so many other, more appealing aspects of life to experience, enjoy and explore! I realize that this does not apply to everyone, and I adore a clean and tidy and organized home…I am in fact a very organized person. It feels fabulous when it’s finished. It’s just the doing of it that is pure drudgery for me. Even with the ipod blasting.

Kudos are due my mom, who should be given an award for her housekeeping skills and in particular for the grace she brought to the role.Ā  Our home was very pleasant and orderly and peaceful because of how easy she made cooking and cleaning for us seem and because of her willingness to do it. She took pride in running our family life well and did it with artistry. For her, it was part of living her life fully and we were all blessed by it. Now if only I had some of her vision and skill…

Instead, I’m feeling all kinds of dread for the time that I am going to have to spend cleaning sometime soon, probably on a beautiful day when I would rather be outside. Sigh.

So, thanks Gina. For the words that resonate and the beautiful way of sharing them. For more of Gina’s hand-lettered masterpieces, visit her blog, Rich Inner Life, and her Etsy site, Lettergirl.

And Mom: There are no words for how much you gave us. xo