Our friends Jeff and Anna gave birth to premature twins (27 weeks) on March 27th. Prince Josef and Princess Harriet are now home after a long stay at Children’s Hospital and are (thankfully) doing very well.

The parents? Well, let’s just say that they are recovering from the shock and adjusting to their new schedules and responsibilities at a reasonable pace.  And they’re falling in love with these babies.

When Jeff encounters what he calls the “necessary trifecta of energy, rest, and inspiration,” he enjoys writing imaginary conversations between Josef and Harriet. Which, granted, doesn’t happen very often. But the results are priceless, so I’ve asked him for permission to reprint one here.

C’mon now. Don’t you agree that Josef and Harriet deserve their own blog?

Harriet and Josef cuddle up for a chat.

Josef and Harriet cuddle up for a chat.

CRIB TALK 07-22-10

Josef and Harriet are doing well, gaining weight, and enchanting their grandparents. They also continue to blather on and on about nothing in particular…

JOSEF: Harriet, I’ve been thinking.

HARRIET: ‘Bout what?

JOSEF: Rhymes.

HARRIET: Rhymes?

JOSEF: Yeah, some words rhyme with lots of other words. Others rhyme with few or none at all.

HARRIET: Not following you.

JOSEF: Well, take my name. Josef. What rhymes with Josef? Nothing.

HARRIET: That can’t be true.

JOSEF: No? Think about it.


HARRIET: Yeah, I see what you mean. But Harriet’s not much better.

JOSEF: Are you kidding? Your name rhymes with chariot. That’s so cool!

HARRIET: Yeah, I suppose.


HARRIET: There’s also lariat.

JOSEF: What’s a lariat?

HARRIET: It’s another name for a lasso. Cowboys use it to catch cattle.


JOSEF: Here’s another. Proletariat!

HARRIET: Don’t forget secretariat!

JOSEF: See what I mean? Your name is a veritable treasure trove of rhymes. Me? I’ve got nothing.

HARRIET: I still don’t get it, though. What the big deal?

JOSEF: Well, listen to this.

There once was a girl named Harriet

Who rode in a beautiful chariot

Along came a suitor

Who perfectly suit her

She lassoed her love with a lariat

HARRIET: Ha! Lovely. I see what you mean. But that one’s way too romantic for me. How about this.

There once was a girl named Harriet

A proud member of the proletariat

Her people were honored

To bestow upon her

The title of General Secretariat

JOSEF: Very good! My sister – rising from humble beginnings to lead her people. Now if we could shoehorn Judas Iscariot and the Hotel Marriott into a limerick, we’d really have something.


HARRIET: Can we work in a merry vet?

JOSEF: Only if he’s very wet and treating a hairy pet.


HARRIET: I’m bored.

JOSEF: I’m hungry.


HARRIET: Let’s both start crying at the same time and watch Mommy and Papa freak out.

JOSEF: Never gets old. I’m in.


And here they go...!