please turn off the light

I am so tired.

I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.

I am 96 hours from vacation, and I wish I could fast forward past all of the chaos of work deadlines, house organizing, bill paying, boy herding and car packing to Friday afternoon.

Even though we have to drive for more than a day before we reach our destination in beautiful Tobermory Canada, I cannot wait to get into the car.

Those eighteen hours offer the perfect amount of time to come down from my very connected, very people intensive life. I will be completely cut off from communicating with the outside world. And I need that right now. Badly.

I will read (relatively) uninterrupted (the boys have their individual DVD players, thankfully) and if prior trips are any indication, I will fall asleep repeatedly while Jeremy drives.

Loved ones, you really do mean everything to me. You bring such depth and joy to my world. I am grateful for your daily presence, comforting and inspiring me.

But right now, I need silence. I need to sleep.

Won’t you please quietly turn off the light and leave the room?