Omaha Kimono

Phonetic spelling: \ˈō-mə-ˌhȯ, -ˌhä\      \kə-ˈmō-(ˌ)nō, -nə\

Definition: A beautiful cotton robe inspired by a Japanese ceremonial kimono.

Description: Omaha Kimonos are sewn from fabric selected specifically to suit the wearer. There is a drawstring in front at the waist, with ties in contrasting grosgrain ribbon and ceramic beads.

The length is just short enough to be a little bit sexy and the kimono-style sleeves add a special flair. Perfect as a robe or nightshirt on summer days, the Omaha Kimono is also suitable for running errands when worn with leggings or jeans and flip flops.

The first Omaha Kimonos were created by Deirdre Thompson as gifts for Colleen, Janna and Rachel, to mark the occasion of their 2010 Omaha girls’ weekend.

Omaha kimono

One of the first four Omaha Kimonos ever made, given to Rachel in August 2010