Today, for this family of readers, our ship has come in.

The mail delivered two HUGE boxes of Usborne books. Most of them were for us. And the best part? They were FREE. Yep, my small Usborne party last week helped me earn 27 fantastic books worth $309.65. For FREE. (Thanks so much to everyone who came/ordered!)

Just some of the books I got for free!

More yummy free books!

Of all of the books I have bought my children over the years, Usborne-Kane Miller books are the ones they return to over and over. The topics and reading levels have grown with them beautifully (my oldest is 13 and my youngest is 6).

What makes them different from other children’s books?

1. The quality is extremely high. The pages are thicker, the colors are brighter, the binding is stronger.

2. There are tons of books to choose from, and they are rated by age/grade level so it’s easy to make selections. The variety of formats is incredible and there are many interactive options: jigsaw puzzles, magnets, train tracks, touchy feely textures, stickers, and so much more.

3. Topics encourage understanding and knowledge of the entire world.

4. Internet-linked books provide a gateway to the vast treasures of the internet: Kids can get excited about a topic and then go to screened, updated websites to delve deeper.

5. These books are developed with significant input from educational experts so that your child’s “fun” reading is also guaranteed to be a great learning experience!

6. The little duck hidden on the pages of the Stephen Cartwright books. ( :

I sell Usborne Books because I love them and I enjoy helping people discover them for the kids in their lives. I also want to continue to build our family library, be able to answer Dylan’s myriad questions about the world–today was “Why doesn’t everything just float in the air?,” Who invented chips?” and “Don’t you wonder how clocks work?”–and give great birthday and holiday gifts to nieces and nephews and friends.

Right now, both of my boys have books in hand (Dylan has Beginning Reader Trash and Recycling; Jesse has Conspiracy 365: September.) And yes, it makes me very happy.

This is a very part-time gig for me, but I love being a personal shopper for my friends and family. And, I am always willing to do a party for a friend if she also wants to earn free books. I’m sure there will be some great incentives for you as we move toward the holiday season.

Click here to visit my web site or message me if you want to set up a party date.

Ciao! Have a great rest from your labors this weekend.

I’m off to read to Dylan from Illustrated Stories from Dickens. Maybe Oliver Twist while we are eating our soup and bread supper? I can hear it now: “More bread please Sir, more bread please…” He loves that line, and I do love a theme dinner!