Doing "pigeon" pose to try to ready my hip for the race.

My sister Amy

My sister Amy flew in from Charlotte to support me!


Ready to head to the start line with Lea, Lizzie and Michelle.

me and mom

My mom surprised me by flying in with Amy for the race!

I did it!

I did it!

ice cream

We celebrated with Sonny's Ice Cream at Crema Cafe, Grandma's treat!

What a fantastic experience…

It took some hard work to do the full 5K running, because I hadn’t yet gone that far in my training. It was a beautiful Minneapolis morning and running across the Stone Arch Bridge with a crowd was breathtaking. My heart pounded really hard every time I thought about crossing the finish line, and that affected my breathing. Slow and steady, running all but 50 feet of the 5K, was my focus. And I did it.

It helped tons that Gail and Colleen were standing at key points along the route, and that Lea was there to run across the finish line with me. Of course my family, Lizzie and Michelle were waiting there to cheer for us while we took our last strides.

I felt such a sense of satisfaction and amazement…it was definitely worth all of the anticipation and training.

I continue to be grateful that my body can do this!

I am planning to do another 5K in the spring; hoping to be even better prepared so that I can enjoy it more. Making better time would be fun too. I think we finished in around 45 minutes, which was fine with me, because my goal was simply to run the distance but it would be really great to be more comfortable while doing it, looking around and taking in the beautiful scenery and other runners.

So that’s my next goal.

Plus, of course, getting more of my friends to do this with me. Reaching these goals with you is a big source of joy for me!

You know…if I can do it, you definitely can. (I’m just sayin’.)

Thanks for all of your encouragement over the last couple of months!