Remember that always dressing in understated good taste is the same as playing dead.
~Susan Catherine

I once had an employee who–having exhibited zero enthusiasm during her first three months on the job–responded in a surprising way when I asked  if she was sure that she wanted to continue in her current position. After I pointed out at her performance review that she didn’t seem to be very happy with the work, she replied:

But I’m excited on the inside.

This, as it turns out, was not actually true. Because she “moved on” after about another month. So it seems pretty clear that she was not excited on the inside.

Nonetheless, there are times when it is difficult–at least it can be for me–to get my outer energy level to reflect my inner desire to be positive and joyful.

And that’s when I have to rely on my clothes to do the talking.

So, today my tired ‘ol self put on something kinda playful for my downtown lunch meeting.




Juxtaposition of checkered stockings and flower stitiched shoes...




A fun embellishment on a pocket...




A puffy lower sleeve with dangling tie...




Playful on the inside!


So, if I act blasé this time of year, check my shoes or accessories…I just might be feeling joyful somewhere deep down, on the inside.

What’s your favorite thing to wear when you need a boost?