blade of grass

My day was filled with generous spirits and audacious ideas and honorable intentions.

I was the privileged one, co-facilitating a group of women small business owners at the very beginning of an exciting trip we may take together.

Oh the riches!

You beauties know who you are, and you inspire me.

And you so instinctively followed the 90:10 rule.

Just like the blade of grass.


Whatever goodness

you are pursuing,


When you speak

of whatever you are pursuing,

speak of its goodness

so that others are amazed

or enlightened

or calmed

or awakened gently…

rather than speaking only

about the difficulties of it all

so that others become disheartened.

The ratio                  between speaking

of the                       goodness

and speaking            of the difficulties

is about                    90:10

for a holy                  balance.

The other way           around… 10:90

will cause you to be   the loneliest person in the world,

angry                        and oddly demanding,

and disappointed       perpetually in others.

I walked a vacant lot

in Harlem long before

the old tenements

became gentrified…

I walked a field

of broken glass

and trash there,

and I saw

there is ever a blade

of green grass,

just one blade

that dared its way

to full life…

then another…

then another…

and the green blade

I met that day

did not speak

but a moment

about lack of rain,

lack of a gardener,

lack of attention

lack of admiration…

Rather, this moist

old green candle

spoke most about

how happy he was

to be alive

and to think he could

seed, that is, light,

another green blade

from his own fire,

and then another,

then another…

then another…

He knew

the combination

to the lock


Poem excerpt, “The 90:10 Rule” ©1991, 2010, All Rights Reserved, by CP Estés, from manusciprt La Pasionaria, THe Bright Angel, Collected Poetry of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés 1960-2010.