everybody needs

I made a good decision when I went away this weekend to an Anna Dvorak Breathing Space Retreat.

I slept for 12 hours two nights in a row, plus I had a 2 hour nap on Friday afternoon.

I met some lovely new friends with wisdom to share and stories to inspire.

I took a 1.5 hour hike up and down big hills and looked down over a shimmering river.

I sat on a blanket in the sunshine beside a dock and started to re-read The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris and wrote in my journal.

I did gentle, restorative yoga with the support of blankets and bolsters and walls and cushions. I meditated and focused on kindness and compassion. I prayed.

I stitched a kerchief for me and a scarf for my son.

I ate so many delicious, nutritious things: homemade granola with wild blueberries and maple syrup, coffee with local organic milk, juices created especially for me, eggs and black beans and tomatoes drenched in olive oil and basil and salt and pepper, decadent local cheeses and wine, mushroom risotto made with wild and brown rices, sauteed dandelion greens, dark chocolate, herbal teas.

I know that many people are not as blessed as me. I had the opportunity to go and the means.

But I also made a good decision.

Because I listened to my body and to my spirit.

And when I was given the opportunity and the means to go–in spite of how busy and stressed I truly was, and how many very valid reasons I could have found to stay home–I went.

So I have the energy I need for this week. This busiest, most challenging week I have ever faced.

And I am grateful. Because I have come very, very far:

I can make good decisions.

I can find ways to take care of myself.

I can open lots of windows to let fresh air and sunshine in to my soul.

I can welcome all things good and holy into my life.