Here’s some advance info you’ll get ONLY because you’re reading my blog.

Rachel’s Holiday Shopping Boutique is set to go and the excitement is building!

As you can see from my living room photos, below.

I’m thrilled to think of how much money we might be able to raise for the Michelle Project, an organization that means a lot to me. You can see our new brochure, which I’ve just designed, by clicking here: MPBrochure_2010

We have over $1,000 in door prizes to give away, donated by our volunteers and vendors:

Books, ceramic tea pot, vintage inspired ring set, lavender foaming soap, anti-age cream, brow wax, bracelet, floral arrangement, scarf, CDs, a gift basket full of Italian cuisine ingredients, and more!

OK, so here’s the big secret:

We’re handing out a flyer called The Shopper to everyone who comes through the boutique’s doors.

The Shopper provides a floor plan and a short description of all of the vendor show specials. Have fun taking an advance look at The Shopper and thinking about what you absolutely must see and do on Saturday.

Poor, poor people who don’t read my blog, don’t you think? ( :

And the little box I created to hold the entry slips for my prize drawing!