I took a leap of faith this year and created a handmade gift for my 16-year old niece for Christmas. In recent years, I’ve gone the way of itunes gift cards and cash, knowing how difficult it is to keep up with the rapid progression of a teenager’s taste.

BTW, I think I’m safe talking about this here, because I am quite sure that her ancient aunt’s blog would not interest her!

As you know, I am all about embellishing things with hand stitches and felt these days (though I’ve really never done it before.) So, I found a great deal on this bag at Old Navy, dreamed up a design in Alysha’s favorite colors–red, purple and black, which I determined by reading the fine print on her Facebook profile, thank you very much–and a few hours later…

Voila! A pretty cool (at least I think so) $10 bag.


Here’s a closeup:


And here’s my attempt at personalization on the shoulder strap. I’m not going to win any embroidery awards, but still…


It’s wrapped and on the way to Thunder Bay and I really hope Alysha likes it.

But if she doesn’t, that’s ok.

At the very least, the bag was a gift to me: the gift of a fun and creative evening of stitching.

And I do think it’s pretty cool. At least I hope it is.