wells in the desert

Yesterday was a replenishing day, and I am feeling more whole.

I drove the boys to school, did a couple of errands, and arrived at Crema Cafe for my work session by 9 a.m.

It took a while for me to get going mentally and socially, but it is so energizing to spend a day with these women small business owners. We’re creating and dreaming big and being fed by each other’s ideas. And we’re developing relationships and caring for one another. It fills me to the brim with joy.

And Crema owners Carrie and Ron delivered such quiet yet decadent hospitality: lattes and tea blends and fresh cream and organic lentil soup with saffron yogurt and crusty bread with real butter. Then–helping Jen M. celebrate her birthday–chocolate cake and chocolate custard frosting. Served with Sonny’s ice cream, of course. Making people feel pampered is their specialty.

And afterward, I had wisely scheduled a massage with my dear friend Marlene of Body Peace, who is also a small business owner in the neighborhood. After supper, some stitching and conversation with Laura. Going to bed, I felt much more nurtured than depleted. Which is the way it should be, don’t you think? Absolutely, positively, whenever possible.

And today:

Lunch with my dad. Knowing that I will not always have him across the table from me in the years to come–I took in every detail of his person today. And I didn’t unnecessarily challenge and critique as I have in past years. I simply looked and listened and I loved every little magical thing about our lunch date. I recaptured a little of that childish awe I once had of him, first felt when he took me for our first official “date” to Mexicali Rosa’s restaurant in the “big city” of Ottawa Canada.

I am taking the time today to acknowledge this incredible blessing: I am sought out and loved by my father, and this is no small thing.

And so my heart is full.

Which brings me to the quote and image I’ve put together today.

Even when it seems that we are surrounded by desert, if we simply lift our eyes toward the myriad beauty that surrounds us, we can always find a well of water to quench our thirst. Eventually, this always will be.

And this, above all, is what I have learned from dark days and light days and even many mediocre days in between.