only love

Anger and violence–whether held in words or hearts or hands–really saddens me.

And it seems to me that it is the direct result of our fear.

What are we so afraid of?

Fear of the unknown, fear of losing what we think we need, fear of others taking advantage of us, fear of being wrong, fear of branching out beyond what is familiar, fear of being rejected or left out.

But will sequestering and safeguarding really make us feel more secure? Or just less so?

Have we so little faith that we must take all matters into our own–grasping and desperate and tightly-clenched–hands?

Is our foundation so likely to crumble and fall at the least sign of opposition that we must build fortresses around our beliefs?

Must we surround ourselves only with people who think and act exactly as we do, to preserve at all cost our comfortable place in the world?

Is this really how fragile we are?

Or is our strength in our weakness?

Can we call upon a place of deep security–one that exists beyond the comfortable and monochromatic–and simply listen in the face of another’s divergent opinion?

Can we trust that Good will triumph?

That even if we give all we have to another, we will still have enough?

Can we look into the face of anger and offer compassion?

This is the power that Jesus exemplified.

And that Anne Frank and Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. also called upon in the face of violence.

Only love can bewilder hatred.

Only love can stop anger in its tracks.

Pray for love to fill you and flow out to everyone and everything around you.

This is the power that we have access to. Right here, inside each of us.

Power that is not gained by eclipsing and overwhelming someone else.

Power not driven by fear.

Power that is unshakeable.

With only Divine Love guiding our words and actions.