Anais Nin

Image created by my friend Gina Sekelsky, Dreamland

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I’ve been having lots of conversations lately about the pain and risk that accompany major change.

For me–though I knew without a doubt that I was heading into scary territory if I chose to shake things upthere came a time when it was simply too agonizing to stay where I was.

And that’s when I chose to go in a brand new direction.

My journey led me to places where I found myself tripping over rocks and tearing my stockings and scraping my knees. Wandering in the dark and walking into winds that tore my coat off my back. Sometimes…it brought me to a clearing where I would simply lie down to cry and rest.

But I am so happy that I headed out when I did.

Because now I am where I am, rather than where I was.

And the sun shines much more here.

The grass actually is greener.

And I no longer feel afraid when the dark clouds roll in.

Have you decided that you don’t want to stay where you are, tightly wrapped up in your bud?

If you want to be somewhere else, if you want to blossom, you will have to make a journey.

There is no tapping of sparkly red heels that will result in an instantaneous arrival.

Though you might feel very frightened, if you want your circumstances to change, you too will have to change.

No one (no, not even you) is immune from this hard truth:

An arrival requires a journey, often an arduous one.

But potential travelers take note:

Staying where you already are may be the riskiest course of all.