bath time by Rachel Awes

Just 14 more hours to enter my blogiversary giveaway, and we still need 16 more entries/comments for the drawing to go ahead. Who knew that it would be so difficult to give money away (kidding)!

One of the prizes I recommended is Rachel Awes’ breathtaking artwork.

And here’s her newest piece, posted on her blog today. The colors are fabulous, aren’t they?

Isn’t it amazing that with just a few strokes of the pen, Rachel’s able to communicate so much about this woman’s joyful abandonment to (finally) languishing in the bath? Don’t you think that she must have had a very busy day and is finally alone, allowing herself to let her hair down?

I think I’ll follow her lead, adding Anna’s lovely Winter Bath Salts (epsom salts and essential oils of eucalyptus and ravensara) to the hot water, and soaking in the gift of my very precious life.

Night, night. Sweet dreams.



p.s. Since some of you have asked…to buy Anna Dvorak’s products, you can email her at She would love to hear from you!