I really felt almost sad this morning preparing to draw the name of the winner of my blogiversary giveaway.

Because I really wanted to give a prize to all of you. Every single one.

If only I was Oprah…

But I screwed up my courage and asked my friend Sheila’s daughter, Stella, to draw the name.

Stella and Sheila

Stella and Sheila

As you can see, the winner is Michelle Goldak, Dylan’s preschool teacher.

And here’s what she said she wanted to do with her $50 prize:

I would choose dinner out, and bring my lovely friend Leslie. When we go out together, it is a retreat in and of itself, but is would be wonderful to have a full night out, and go somewhere besides a Caribou!!

Happy Blogaversary!!

Congratulations to Michelle! I hope that you will experience much joy in your evening out with Leslie. Do you want Barbette or Salut?

And for the many of you who mentioned wanting to have a Lettergirl stamp:

Gina’s running a sale through January 31st (Monday).

For the rest of this month, use the code “WHITESALE” when you check out on etsy for a 20% discount on all lettergirl purchases!  Don’t miss it!

Thanks everyone, for your congratulations and for your participation in my giveaway.

In my heart, I am granting all of your dreams and wishes.

Much love to you all,