In its own way.

We sang this song in 6th grade choir.

It always seemed kind of melancholy to me.

I don’t know if it’s the melody–or the fact that the reality of our culture is in such stark contrast to the lyrics–but it kinda made me sad.

Today, I have to say that the following photos brought the words to life in a totally new way.


Something like this big pile of cluttered jumble of skates and boots and mitts and sticks near our front door on a cold day–even something like this–can be beautiful.

Because someone I love loves this.

My boys love to skate. And play hockey with their friends. In the snow and bitterly cold weather.

They come home with glowing faces and proud smiles, holding hands.

So, it’s beautiful.

And it’s hard to dislike winter under the circumstances.

Even if, on my own, I would not always perceive the beauty.

In a pile of skates and sticks, blocking the doorway.

On a winter’s day.

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