i will lie down in peace

Many people I love are either ill or grieving right now.

So I want to share this verse.

During the darkest time in my life, I repeated these inspired words to myself in my dorm room, all through the night, while severe insomnia and anxiety kept me from blessed slumber.

I am grateful that I no longer struggle to sleep.

So I can call out on your behalf.

Tonight, dear friends, I pray that you will lie down in peace and know deeply that God cares for you.

And even if you cannot sleep, simply lie down.

Treat yourself as you would an overwhelmed and exhausted child.

Even if you cannot sleep, rest.

Repeat this verse to yourself, gently, kindly.

Practice knowing peace. Even if you do not feel it.

For this time, you can choose to rest.

Nothing can happen to you right now.

You are cradled. You are safe.

Lie down in peace.



Especially for Carrie.