I have been ill.

Sick, sick, sick with an upper respiratory virus that morphed into a very nasty sinus infection. Which has most definitely been “going around.” My neighbor Sheila is on week 4 of this thing, and Dylan has been home from school 5 out of 8 days during the last two weeks because of it.

Today I broke down and went to see my rock star Physicians’ Assistant. Heidi assured me that doing the neti pot was still a good idea, started me on antibiotics, and recommended more Mucinex D and Ibuprofen every 4 hours to keep the sinus pain under control. Here’s hoping for some improvement.

I discovered this lovely nursery rhyme today.

six doctors

So…what about these best six doctors anywhere?

Water, rest and diet…these I have used to cure myself, to the best of my ability.

But sunshine, fresh air, and exercise? Not so much.

It’s hard to get an appointment with those three at this time of year in Minnesota. Not impossible, certainly. But challenging. They unlisted their numbers. They left town for warmer climes. They’re on the golf course. Or the beach. They won’t be back until they’re good and ready.

So…while March remains cold and icy and gray, it’s no wonder we are all ailing. In body and in spirit.

May Punxatawny Phil be right this year.

I know a lot of very hardy people (folks much hardier than me) who are more than ready for spring.

Be well, friends.