goethe quote

I have loved this quote since Jeremy and I first discovered it back in 1994. He was releasing his first CD of original music, I was helping him promote it, and we watched the mailbox every day, hopefully, for orders. This quote was hung on the wall in our “Folkstone Records” headquarters.

And over the years, I’ve never found these words not to be true.

My latest case in point?

The Magic Wand Collective--a community for women who own small businesses in the Twin Cities–is already at 52 of the 75 members we set out to attract before the end of 2011. Yes, you heard that right, the end of 2011!

We’re are not even 3 months out from our January 20th launch.

We stepped out, and Providence moved too.

Our online community went live today. Won’t you take a look?

And if you know any women who have ever even thought about starting their own businesses, please share this with them.

We’ve set out to be a unique community of women–much more than business colleagues to each other–and so far, the beauty is breathtaking.

I think–no, I know–that Providence is pleased.



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