spend our days

Having posted this morning, I now have the perspective to add how I actually spent my day.

Friends, you may be able to draw some conclusions about what I deem important in life after you’ve perused this timeline:

7 am Up and making coffee

7:15 Dylan’s out the door

7:30 Jesse’s out the door

Coffee time with Jeremy

8:00 Get ready for the day, pack up my laptop

8:30 Dylan’s school for his Student of the Month ceremony

9:30 Give spelling tests to first and second graders

10:45 Chat with Dylan’s teacher Miss Jean while she has her lunch and I finish correcting spelling tests

11:00 Head to Anodyne, chat to my neighbor friend Laura on the way

11:15 As I pull up to Anodyne (favorite coffee shop at 43rd and Nicollet), see that Jeremy has texted me and is parking just a few cars behind me

11:18 Have to hang up on Laura because Jeremy is watching me parallel park and I am doing terribly due to trying to simultaneously talk on the phone

11:20 Order lunch with Jeremy: two curried turkey sandwiches

11:25 Our friend Amy S. walks in

11:30 Chat and lunch…Jeremy leaves for work

11:45 I start showing Amy how to sync her brand new ipod touch to itunes and download the C25K app and yoga podcasts and Speaking of Faith and an Adele album. (Important stuff.)

12:45 Surprise! Laura walks in, books and journals in hand.

I check emails and chat until 1:30, when Maggie arrives for our meeting.

Amy leaves.

Laura busies herself with her reading while Maggie and I work on dreaming up all of the details for a fundraiser we’re throwing for the Michelle Project in June. (Hint: Sunday afternoon spa afternoon getaway for 24 lucky women!)

2:35 We all leave. I rush home to catch Dylan’s bus dropping him off.

3:00 Jesse comes home from school. I make smoothies for the boys’ after school snacks. Jesse packs for his 8th grade Commitment Class retreat and Dylan goes to the basement to play air guitar with music on raucously full volume.

I attempt to do some more work while chaos continues to surround me: Magic Wand Collective, San Diego Cathedral, LMJ Consulting estimate, miscellaneous emails…you get the picture.

Chat with Molly D. when she drops off Ellen for the retreat, and give her her C25K running mix CD (she’s running with me in July.) She tells me that she is going to come on the Le Donne retreat with us in mid-May. Yippee!

4:45 Drive to church to drop off Ellen and Jesse for their weekend. Three huge school buses full of kids are lined up and ready to go. Crazy.

5:00 Dylan and I come home. Jeremy has a gig tonight, so we’ve decided on nachos with lots of red peppers for supper and another viewing (20th time?) of Scooby Doo Camp Scare: The Movie.

1 episode of Sponge Bob too. I’m making crafty things: felt business card cases for friends and for the C25K CDs.

8:00 Dylan heads off to bed. Amy S. drops by to pick up some things. I’m having a tall gin and tonic.

Hoping to see Jeremy heading in the door any minute now…

Such is today.

And it was pretty darn great. ( :