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This woman, Sarah Kay, made me want to memorize a poem. 

And to fearlessly, passionately recite it for others.

Just like my nanny used to do.

And I have Gail to thank for this discovery. And Le Donne too.

What are the 3 things I know to be true?

You will understand the context for this question if you listen to Sarah and her TED talk.

1. Things always look better in the morning. They look even better on a sunny morning.

2.  Love always overcomes fear.

3. No matter what happens to me in life—really, no matter what—I will be ok. I will still find a way to thrive.

And below–Beannacht–is perhaps the poem I will memorize and perform.

It seems fitting for today, with so many in mourning and surveying hard circumstances.

It is time for beannacht.