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imaginary outfit title

The very first vision board I ever created surprised me with an aspect of myself I had never recognized:

Apparently I have a penchant for fashion.

While putting my board together I had unconsciously cut out images of Gwyneth Paltrow in two very different–but equally smokin’–outfits. I had glued one on top of the other so that I could flip the image back and forth. It was an incredible realization for me that I was attracted to the transformation, the playfulness, the reinvention of these contrasting outfits.

I think in my case that my love of a rockin’ outfit is also tied to my passion for beauty. Pulling together colors and shapes and textures to create one cohesive, impactful image is a real kick.

Plus, as my dad once told me, it’s pure fun to keep people guessing about who you really are by mixing things up in the clothing department.

But I don’t have an unlimited budget and I’m not a size 6.

So sometimes I create an imaginary outfit.

The joy of putting the pieces together–without having to consider whether it will fit or be flattering on my body or be too expensive–is priceless.

My “go to” imaginary shopping destination?


The outfit below is absolutely fabulous, don’t you think?

If I were to go out and buy it, it would cost…$1121.99.

Instead, I’ll just close my eyes and picture myself sashaying around in it, maybe wearing it to Crema for Wednesday’s Co-Working session.

Pure pleasure.

imaginary outfit