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Lasting Business

We have this really magical thing happening over here.

It’s what we hoped would happen when we started bringing women to the same place at the same time –

♥ women who own businesses and have started non-profits

♥ women who want to own a business, but don’t yet know how or when

♥ women who make creative things

♥ women who write inspiring blogs

♥ women who want to offer healing to our world

♥ women who want to bring beauty to our world

♥ women who believe that there is something called abundance

which simply means that there is more than enough to go around

♥ women who know how to be authentic and caring

♥ women who ask for encouragement

♥ women who share freely what they know

♥ women who believe that one member’s success is every member’s success

♥ women who celebrate together

♥ women who support each other on tough days

♥ women like you

being community for each other.

We asked ourselves what would happen if we could wave a magic wand over our businesses, other women-owned businesses, and our community.

We asked ourselves what we could accomplish with and for each other through an organization that was member-owned. An organization that is organic and flexible, developing and growing according to the needs and desires of its members.

We asked ourselves what a community that embraced abundance, accountability, balance, creativity, generosity, financial well-being, growth, honesty, individuality, and mentoring would look like. And feel like.

And behold! This is what happened!

It’s called the Magic Wand Collective.

It’s a community for Women Small Business Owners.

We have added 90 members since our launch on January 20th.

And it’s blindingly beautiful.





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