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One day last week, Dylan came home from 2nd grade full of great insight.

Seeing that I seemed a little sad, he started to share with me what he had learned that day.

Mom, do you know what I learned today?

Everyone is walking around with an invisible bucket.

And if someone’s bucket is empty, it’s because they’re sad.

And if the bucket is full, they’re feeling happy.

If I see that someone has an empty bucket, I can say nice things or give them a hug and it will help to fill their bucket. 

Mom, do you want a hug? Can I help fill your bucket?

I hope your bucket is full again soon.


A conversation with Dylan always fills my bucket, but this one shows particular depth and emotional intelligence.

I am so grateful for the spirit of caring and community they are encouraging at Armatage Montessori School here in Minneapolis.

Thank you, Miss Jean.

Thank you, Armatage.

I believe that this might be the book that inspired the conversation.

filled your bucket