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lasting businessI gave a 20 minute speech this evening to my beloved Magic Wand Collective sisters. I’ve never delivered a speech like that before, unless my high school Valedictorian address counts. I don’t think it was as long, nor nearly as heartfelt.

I didn’t have it memorized, so I had to read (with my “now that I’m over 40” reading glasses.) But I read with emotion. Perhaps one day I’ll deliver a memorized speech. Never say never, as Justin Bieber would say. (And I concur.)

To read the speech I delivered, click the image above (red table and chairs.)

Gratitude Slide Show

Click the linked image directly above (Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s quote) to see the slideshow I created to run throughout our leisurely dinner.

Please do not copy or distribute either of these documents. They are for your personal use only. This is my intellectual property, so I get to decide such things…or so I’m told.
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P.S. All you proofreader/editor/writer types…remember that this was written to be read, not for publication. I’d have to do some more work if it was going to be put into print for general consumption.