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40 and laughing

At my 40th birthday party a few years ago, some really creative friends hosted a “Rachel Jeopardy” game. The hilarity that this crowd pleaser generated was the setting for the photo at left.

How could I not laugh at myself when they so clearly articulated who I am and what makes me tick? It’s an incredible gift to have friends who know and love you so well, even if it’s a little humiliating at times.

One of the most memorable questions was:

What is the first thing Rachel will tell you about anything she is wearing or using?

The answer: The price. She will always tell you how much of a deal she got on it.

Getting value without sacrificing quality and beauty has indeed become one of my most playful and valuable quests in life. When I was a mere 7 years old, standing in line to enter the gymnasium at school, I proudly told my classmates that my fabulous two-piece tan (trimmed with floral ribbon) polyester pant suit was found at a garage sale for the incredible price of 25 cents. Some people might think that was NOT something to share. And why would a child that age even care? But my mom–who is the queen of value shopping, thank you very much– taught me that a good deal is something to shout from the rooftops.

Being fashionable and looking good on a budget is a priority for me, but I don’t like to march the malls. I only shop in person through “targeted strikes” intended to purchase a particular item. I don’t like to wander and try things on. I tire so quickly…the bright lights and loud music and crowds overwhelm me.

So finding bargains online–rock bottom clearance prices–has saved me tons of time and money over the past few years. I generally understand my most flattering colors and styles and which sizes typically fit me in certain brands. When I stick to those general guidelines, I usually make a successful purchase online and am thrilled with what’s in the box when it arrives on my doorstep.

Today’s version of shouting from the rooftops is posting my favorite deals on my blog and on Pinterest. Talbots is having a MASSIVE sale right now (up to 80% off original prices), and I just had to pick up a few things. Plus, I got free shipping through Talbots’ Facebook page. For today only, coupon code LIKE saved me $8. And Talbots purchases are always a good investment for me.

Have I mentioned that I just got some really great deals on some fabulous items?


Shayla Flower Bouquet Espadrilles, reg. $109, my price $20.51


Capelet, reg. $179, my price $33.99

Crinkled silk ruffle shirt

Crinkled Ruffle Silk Shirt reg. $99, my price $18.61

Puffed Sleeve Tee

Puff-Sleeve Tee in crimson reg. $42.50, my price $13.67

Fly-Away Cardi

Front-Drape Cardi reg. $99, my price $18.61

Cameo Rose

Cameo Rose Two-Handled Satchel reg. $199, my price $30.01