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Bliss List

I’m linking up with Liv Lane at Choosing Beauty to celebrate the bliss I’ve experienced this week…

1. A new friend named Pablo who is a high school exchange student staying with us for two weeks. Shared comedy and connection across the divide of geography and language is a beautiful thing. Plus, more testosterone in the house and one more boy to love for this girl.

2. A night out with girlfriends last night. These four truly fabulous women live right on my block. They are the mothers of the children my Dylan plays with…how can such rich friendships exist within such close proximity? I am incredibly blessed.

3. The gift of a massage from my friend Sima Shahriar, who is starting her new massage business at Healing Garage. Sima is lovely and gifted and today she blessed me for no reason at all!

4. More groundbreaking conversations with women small business owners this week at co-working on Wednesday (Magic Wand Collective) and elsewhere. True, this is something I experience every week, but I know that it is a unique blessing each time the alchemy of authentic connection takes place. Check out the amazing things they are doing and saying and accomplishing: Jennifer Vertanen of The Wholehearted Life, Beth DeZiel of Lasso, Sam Strong of Metamorphosis, and Clea Galhano of The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music.

4. Post 10-day cleanse, inspired by my friend Anna Dvorak, I am no longer drinking coffee or pop beyond one small cup of coffee in the morning. I am really enjoying the ritual and taste of herbal tea. And I absolutely love how my body feels.

5. Also post cleanse, the pure joy of a real croissant with real butter and homemade jam, while I sit on the banquette at Cafe Barbette.

So much bliss exists, don’t you see?