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Valentine at work

My little valentine at work on Sunday afternoon

Although I love to play with paper, scissors and glue, I tend to get overwhelmed when doing crafty projects with my kids. I wish this were not the case, but the mess generated and the somewhat limited time frame we always seem to have combine to make me a little stressed out.

The one exception seems to be the Valentine’s Day box project for school. I used to have so much fun with Jesse creating his box every year and now, with Dylan, it’s just as wonderful.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s such a cheerful motif and positive message–for heaven’s sake, don’t ask me to make anything for Hallowe’en!–but I feel happy from start to finish when working on valentines. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy Valentine’s day not just because of romantic love; I think this holiday should be celebrated for all kinds of love’s sake! Everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone deserves to hear, I love you.”

Yesterday we pushed ourselves even further creatively, designing our own Valentine’s Day cards and making our own envelopes. Dylan requested Justin Bieber themed cards—who am I to deny him?–so I designed three varieties. Dylan even thoughtfully asked for one featuring Selena Gomez especially for his classmate named Selena.

Valentines 2012

Our designs

I hope you’ll enjoy these photos of my Sunday afternoon with my little Valentine.

Dylan's box

Dylan's clever way of signing his box

pretty words

So many pretty words can be shared with others

hearts a plenty

All kinds of hearts = all kinds of love

On display

The bounty of his finished creations

Dylan final

My darling valentine