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I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post that I am re-branding my business and adopting the title, “Life and business curator.”

Life and business curator

What I mean by curatorship is that you can learn to view your life as a gallery. You can ask and answer important questions about the Gallery of You: Which paintings and/ or sculptures will you display? What type of art will make your heart sing? Whose photos should you frame for your walls? Perhaps instead of traditional art, what your heart really really wants is to be surrounded by vegetables fresh from the garden. That is totally achievable, by the way.

The unavoidable truth is that this gallery is yours. No matter how many other people try to make you think it isn’t–perhaps not so subtly indicating that their opinions are better than yours–or how many times you try to abdicate responsibility–because it can be scary having your name over the door–you are its curator.

Your best chance for happiness and fulfillment is to decide what you want filling the halls and walls of your gallery–what will bring you joy and allow your life to mean something to you and to the world–and to set out as soon as possible to collect exactly what you need to make your gallery look and feel like you want it to look and feel.

Your life’s work–or as is the case for many of my clients–your small business, should reflect the beauty of what you hope to curate too. And that’s one of my specialties: Helping people to create a business that reflects the intentions and skills and values of the owner’s whole life.

Isn’t the simplicity of Ben Stein’s quote (above) just brilliant?

“Decide what you want.”

If only it were that easy, right?

It’s worth the effort though…believe me. And if you need help articulating what is in your heart and mind–perhaps a little support as you set your gallery up, source what you most need to find, and plan out what is going to go where and in which frame–you might want me to be a co-curator for a while.

One thing’s certain: If you embrace your role as curator, your life will become a work of art.