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For Persis

Easter resurrection shouts its message of hope.

It says, “I cannot be silenced.”

It says, “Even if you say nothing, the rocks will cry out their amazement.”

It says, “Something completely unexpected, decadent and defiant, anti-gravitational and extravagant has taken place.”

Truly, this day, this story, this unparalleled gift, they all demonstrate one powerful truth:

“Miracles surround and connect us, in this life and beyond, in ways both visible and invisible.”

Quiet yourself. Be still. Take notice. Gasp in wonder.

the bud

“This is one of those poems that acts on me cell by cell. It softens me, fills me with a reverence for the living world, and brings me into the fold of all living things…It is a blessing poem, full of that ancient power that can revive even the brokenhearted. 

If you let your mind and your tongue savor these first two lines of Galway Kinnell’s,

‘The bud

stands for all things,’

you may find, as I have, that they give you the feeling of wanting to live large again on the canvas of your life. For we, too, are buds, you and I, full of life unfolding into flower. These two short lines stir the faith in me; faith in the potential that is inherent in everything.”

– Roger Housden, Ten Poems to Open Your Heart