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This quote comes to us via one of my most favorite bloggers, artists, and writers—and the best listener I know. Rachel, thank you for embodying God’s divine listening presence for me when I needed it most.

And now: Congratulations on embracing yet another way to share your unique beauty with the world, Rachel!

All I did was listen book

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Here’s the full quote from Julian of Norwich:

“The sorrowing, the sick, the unwanted, the lonely, both young and old, rich and poor, all come to my window. No one listens, they tell me, and so I listen and tell them what they have just told me. And, I sit in silence, listening, letting them grieve. ‘Julian, you are wise,’ they say, ‘You have been gifted with understanding.’ All I did was listen. For I believe full surely that God’s spirit is in us all, giving light, wisdom, understanding, speaking words in us when we cannot speak, showing us gently what we would not see; what we are afraid to see; so that we may show pity, mercy, forgiveness to ourselves.”