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In March, I went to Colorado for a Mindfulness + the Mountain retreat led by my friend Anna Dvorak at her cabin near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I ate food she prepared with recipes from her Nourish e-Cookbooks and hiked and slept.

While I sat in silence I stitched. I created five little squares of fabric with hand-drawn and hand-stitched reverse applique designs on them.

Then I came home and added pieces cut out of sweaters from a cashmere clearance sale at the Lands End Inlet and a blouse from Arc’s Value Village and went to Sewtropolis to use their serger. I thought of my lovely friend Anna, of how fetching she is in pinks + grays and of how much she loves the pinyon trees that fill her cabin view…

It’s wonderful to have a muse to inspire.

And here is what I made.

anna's scarf

with love, Rachel